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Move over, Harry, there’s a new wizard…umm…mage in town! Callum Hunt has been told to suppress his magical talent and taught by his father that the Magisterium (Hogwarts) is evil and that the mages are liars who will end up killing Callum. When Callum is forced to participate in the Iron Trial to see if he will attend the Magisterium, his father tells him to intentionally fail the test, but when Callum attempts to fail, he ends up succeeding.

Though I knew there was something different about Call, I have to admit I was a little surprised to learn how different! I always appreciate when a book shocks me. This book will appeal to Harry Potter fans, and there are many similarities: Harry, Ron, Hermione trio; Hogwarts; Dumbledore; Drako Malfoy; magic; young wizards who solve the problems; good versus evil; etc.

Authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare plan for this to be a 5-book series. This book is highly recommended for middle grades and up.