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Panic (2014) is the ultimate book for dare devils! After high school graduation any senior is eligible to participate in the highly secretive game of Panic. Every student is required to pay $1.00 every day of school, and the winner of Panic takes the pot. This year the total is $68,000! The money is very motivating to Heather who plans to take care of her younger sister, Lily, so they may escape the trailer park and drunken mother.

Of course, participants must face some of their darkest terrors to win the game, and there will only be one winner who is determined by the secret judges. This year Panic is deadly, and some of the participants take matters into their own hands.

I enjoyed this thrilling book of dares and fears. Lauren Oliver has a talent for making her characters realistic. Other great books by this author are the Delirium series (dystopian) and Before I Fall (realistic fiction), also highly recommended.