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Endgame The Calling (October 2014) by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton is the first in this new series. Before I bought the book, I looked up the reviews and it was compared to The Hunger Games mostly and even A Tale of Two Cities. A combination of Dickens and dystopian really peeked my interest, and I am glad I took the chance. It is a GREAT book!

Although some reviewers said this book’s plotline is straight from The Hunger Games, I completely disagree. Sure, there’s the children killing children part, but the story is much more than that. My comparison would be a mixture of The Amazing Race, The Hunger Games, A Tale of Two Cities (I love that analogy), with some alien undertones in a pre-apocalyptic world.

The “alien” founders (gods) of earth are disgusted with civilization’s treatment of the gift bestowed upon them and therefore have signaled the Endgame to begin. Twelve teens from around the world have been highly trained for just such a moment in case the time came during their lifetime. The players will fight each other to be the winners of Endgame so that their society will be the one to remain and rebuild earth – all other 11 civilizations will perish.

There is action, adventure, surprises, romance, and these authors definitely do not mind killing off their twelve “main characters.” I know who I want to win! I’m also curious to know if the players will find a way to out maneuver the immortals (gods) and find a way to save earth without the destruction of humanity.

Due to some language and mature scenes, I would recommend this book to high school and up.