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In the End is the conclusion to In the After. Warning, SPOILER ALERT if you have not read In the After

In book one, everyone thought that the world had been invaded by aliens — little green men killing (and eating) the few survivors on earth. Now Amy knows the truth…the “aliens” are really humans who have been infected with a bacteria that changes them into monsters. The bacteria, she learns, was created by her own mother! In book one, Amy is rescued by some friends in New Hope and released back into the Florae infested world.

After learning that Baby was captured in New Hope and is being tested and tortured for a cure, Amy seeks help in a former prison that is “protection” against the Floraes. Fortunately Amy meets Jacks who helps her survive the grim environment mostly filled with former prisoners, and she is able to return to New Hope where she plans to rescue Baby and hopefully find a vaccine.

I thoroughly enjoyed these books. They are exciting and fast-paced — great for fans of zombie apocalypse novels. Recommended for 8th grade and up.