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Ruby survives the strange virus that kills so many of the children in the U.S. and those children who did survive develop strange powers that the government categorizes into colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red. Ruby is one of the dangerous ones – she’s an Orange. She has the power to erase memories as well as control thoughts, and though she has not mastered her abilities, she seeks the one whom she thinks can help her.

The government is afraid of the children with powers so these children are imprisoned in “camps” where they live in fear and gloom. The Children’s League is interested in Ruby because of her Orange abilities and they help her escape, but do they have her best interest at heart? She eventually teams up with a threesome looking for the “Slip Kid” – someone who can help children reunite with their parents as well as protect them.

My favorite quote in the book also explains the title: “The darkest minds tend to hide behind the most unlikely faces.”

This dystopian adventure is the first in a trilogy. I’m really not sure how this book bypassed me (published in 2012) because it is great! I cannot wait to read Never Fade (2013) and In the After Light (2014). Though this novel does integrate some “used” plot lines – virus that targets children, children with superpowers, children/teens that partner and develop familial relationships, manipulative villain with superpowers, children/teens on the run – it is still unique and worth the read!