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Under the Never Sky
In a futuristic world, Aria lives in a pod protected from the harsh Aether filled sky. She desperately desires to learn about her mother’s whereabouts and condition. The pod that her mother was conducting secretive research has been disconnected from Aria’s pod. After making a poor decision to infiltrate an off-limits area, Aria finds herself removed from her society and forced into the real world where she must face tough consequences – a scorched land, cannibals, wolves, lack of food. For the second time in her life, handsome, rugged, Perry comes to her rescue. They grudgingly become allies to locate Aria’s mother and to rescue Perry’s nephew from the Dweller’s pods.

This is a great sci-fi adventure and romance novel, and the first book in the trilogy. Other books in the series include Through the Ever Night (2013), Into the Still Blue (2014), and there are a couple of novellas as well.