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Here are some of the notes and questions I had while reading Roth’s Allegiant…

  • Why could city (Chicago) not see (hear) airplanes taking off from O’Hare? Or see people outside of city walls from high rise buildings?
  • Why could the Bureau not make more memory serum if they invented it? Why would Nita (and group) stealing vials make a difference? (Nita’s plan when she tricked Four into participating.)
  • Is there really a difference in GD and GP? Four’s father was GP and awful!
  • Where would you choose to live in that world IF you had a choice?
  • Why would Four buy into Nita’s plan so quickly?
  • Why is Four so weal and whiny in this novel?
  • Where does the government get gas for cars and airplanes?
  • why does the group leaving Chicago (Tris, Four, Cara, etc.) stay and hang out indefinitely at the Bureau when they were on a mission for the Allegiant group? Were they not going to report back to them?
  • Why would Amar help Four and group sneak back into the city and innoculate some people if he is a Bureau supporter?
  • What good will resetting the Bureau’s memory do since they work for the government who knows about the experiments? The Bureau is just a small component of a larger world that is messed up.
  • Tris and Four’s plan seems radical — suicide mission? It seems out of character for them.
  • Do Tris and Four not think they will be seen by the Bureau as they make these “secret” plans knowing all of the cameras are everywhere??
  • On page 435, it says “I can’t believe we’re going back.” Was that not the original plan??
  • Who would you reset…Evelyn or Marcus?
  • Tris dies! Really?! Who kills off her main character? It is not out of character for Tris to make sacrifices, but it IS out of character for her to die! I should have named this blog….TRIS LIVES or SAVE TRIS! I felt like a part of me died when she was shot.